The very difficult decision has been made, once again to postpone Boogiefest for another year. ?
We really did not foresee a year ago when we cancelled Boogiefest'20 that we would be in the same predicament again and have to cancel Boogiefest'21 as well.
I don't think this message will come as any surprise to you, and we hope that you understand and agree with our decision. You the DANCER have always been, and always will be the priority in any decision making. The health and safety of you will always come first.
We do feel we will be back dancing in some sort of way by May, with most people vaccinated. However, due to the way the event is organised and with the numbers we have attending, the event is best cancelled at this stage, as we foresee Government Restrictions being in place that will not allow us to run the event.
It is more likely than not that the Government will throw in certain restrictions into the mix when it comes to dancing and organised indoor events (like before). Here at Boogiefest Towers, we feel we would not be able to deliver the best weekend that is promised to you given the above circumstances.
So, although Boogiefest'21 is now cancelled Boogiefest'22 is in the planning!!!
I can promise you the following:
⭐️ Social dancing suitable for ALL Levels across 2 rooms
⭐️ Workshops hosted by some of the best in the business, over 2 days and across 3 rooms
⭐️ Alternative workshops on offer such as: Partner Dancing, The Shim Sham, Ballroom and Northern Soul
⭐️ Live Music
⭐️ And of course: Fun, Laughter and great memories to be had!
I have spoken to The Walls Club and the dates are in. I have also spoken to all the choreographers, Artist, instructors and DJ's working on the event and we have come up with a team that we just know you are going to be pleased with.
Please see attached flyer with all the details on what we have in store for you over the course of the weekend. A finer detailed plan of the weekend of who is on when, is being worked on and we will share this with you as soon as it is finished.
The good news is that ALL ticket costs are remaining at the same price. So if you are still up for it, we will automatically transfer your ticket over to next year's Festival and you have to do no more! A part from mark it down in your diary.
IMPORTANT: If you are booked into a hotel or have made travel and accommodation plans, please get in contact with them to see if you can move your booking onto the new date.
⭐️ Boogiefest'22 - MAY 13th - 15th ⭐️
If you no longer wish to be a part of the Festival, please let us know and we will sort out a refund for you. BUT know this ........ you will be missed. x
Sending a much needed BIG virtual "BoogieHug" to you all.
Stay safe everyone.
Jamie and the Boogiefest Crew xx


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