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We are a Line Dancing Group with regular classes for all levels held across Gloucestershire (click on "Classes" for more information on whereabouts we currently teach and the different levels of experience). 


Line Dancing has changed over the years and here at Boogie Shoes we have tried to keep up with the times!!!!

Back in the day it was all Country Music, stetsons, cowboys and western themed. Now we are dancing to mainstream pop music, dancing in trainers and the comfort of every day casual wear.

Although here at Boogie Shoes we do not forget our roots, we regulary dance the Golden Oldie Dances that we were doing years ago as they bring back great memories and are fun to do!!! 


Line dancing is for everyone, you don't need a dance partner, it's for all ages, gender and you don't even need to know your left from your right!!!


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Jamie Barnfield


  • Phone: 07810 821558
  • E-Mail: boogie_shoes@live.co.uk
  • Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/boogieshoes


Boogie Shoes, the name, came from one of it's dancers in a competition to name the club. The original name was Dancing Shoes.
It was founded by myself (Jamie Barnfield). However, the classes that I took over were both well established classes and have been for a number of years, both had different club names. I wanted to have have a club name of my own ..... was that so wrong?!?!? And so then Boogie Shoes was born!!!
It all started off in Hamfields Leisure (Formally Berkeley Power Station Social Club) where I took over an exsiting class. Following that I took over another exsiting class at Bird's Eye Walls Social Club in Gloucester, funny as this originally was one of the classes I use to teach  years ago ..... it's like fashion .... it comes back round!!!
I then took over The Tithe Barn Class in Bishops Cleeve, now starting to build up the club.  Then made a very important decsion to launch some more classes and leave my full time employed job to do this!!!! worrying but had to be done.
La Attica in Cirencester (both evening and daytime classes) were launched, followed by another daytime class in Abbeydale.
I am now teaching most evenings, 1 daytime classes.  Enabling me to pick up other events including private teaches, co-operate events, hen do's and regular socials.
All of the  classes now really picking up and the dance floors are getting full. Happy times.
Then I decided to launch a Retro class, a class that has just had an amazing response as we are re-visitng all of our favourite dances of the past (more than 10 years old). This is held at The Walls Club on Monday mornings ..... now I don't have that Monday morning blues feeling anymore!!!
Currently the club is nearing on 300 dancers a week,   love my job!!!
I am proof that dreams can come true ..... you just have to believe in them and go for it!!!


Boogie Shoes is a FUN line dance club that welcomes anybody in and promises you a good time.





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Tel: 07810 821558




For ES:

Tel: 692460215




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