The weekend of 7th-9th April - Boogie shoes went on a small trip around the world at The Carlton Hotel in Torquay, don't panic thinking you have missed a real trip Around the world, it was this years spring break theme!!


The weekend kicked of with a "Take Off Party" here we had a little gathering where any requests asked for was played. Plus a great chance to catch up and have a chat with everyone!


On the Evening we had a Traffic Light Colour Theme Social. Pick a colour from a trafic light and wear it or all 3 if you wish! The dancing started of at 8pm playing all your requets throughout the evening. During the night we had a little infamous Dingbat Quiz, a game of Irish Bingo and danced the dancers Favourite Classic Top 10 dances that looked like this ......


1. Islands In The Stream

2. Carribean Pearl

3.Fly High

4. Forever & a Day
5. Pot Of Gold
6. Just A Memory
7. It's Up To You
8. Vertical Expressions
9. Fireball
10. Firecracker


We also managed to squeeze in a couple of quick teaches:


Boys And A Girl Thing By Rob Fowler

Testify By Myself! (Jamie Barnfield)


The evening finished at a slighlty earlier time than we are used at Midnight but we still had the weekend ahead to go!




As always the day kicks off with a fabulous breakfast that sets up ready for the Workshops ......


Dances taught:

Wild Forever by me! (Released soon)
32 count Improver level to a track of the same name by Sophie Ellis-Bexter. The dance has one restart on wall 6.

Tongue Tied Up by the lovely Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher. Fab dance, fab music, interesting & fun steps. 64 counts with no hidden extras! Was a big hit!

Be The Man from the fabulous Kim Ray. 32 count Dance to a track of the same name by Rag 'n' Bone Man. With 1 little taglet to think about. Fab dance with great choreography that fits great to a great track! (Dance to be released soon)

Whistle Whist You Work It by John & Jo Kinser & Co. 64 count dance, no tags or restarts. Fab funky track by the same name by Katy Tiz. This dance comes with a warning........ "you will be whistling the song for the rest of the day after listening to it!! 


The workshop finsished off at 1pm and at that point everyone had some free time to go and enjoy the FABULOUS weather we had.




The night started off at 8pm with the Around The World Theme Social. As always everyone makes such a great effort with their fancy dress outfits, everyone looked AMAZING. The winners were:


1. Lynda Cobern - Irish Leprechaun

2. Simeon Teakle - Turkish Man

3. Carol Rees - A British Beefeater

As always throughout the night we had a themed quiz ....... I am not going to say anymore on that one, the ones who were there know my reasons why!

We also attempted to dance around the world in 10 dances but failed at that  but still had a good time trying!!


During the night we danced the dancers current Top 10 dances and it looked like this......


1. Let It Swing

2. Shady

3. Gypsy Queen

4. Take Me To The River
5. Oops Baby
6. The Queen 
7. Ain't Misbehavin 
8. Testify 
9. From The Ground Up
10. East To West 17


We finished the evening off with The Music Man,  a little later than we were aloud but who was gonna tell us off???



Still with some energy left we finished off the weekend with a re-cap workshop, going back over the dances taught on Saturday.

Plus with a teach of a lovely classic dance called Evergreen By Karen Hadley.


THE THANK YOU's............


YOU the dancers - You are amazing and I love you all. You sure know how to party and party you do. It gives us great pleasure in putting on these weekends knowing full well, without too much preparation you are going to have a great time. For the regulars I thank you for your continued support and for the visitors Thank you so much for joining us, we hope to see you again soon.


MIKE & SALLY BROWN - For taking some amazing photos of the weekend. Check out the Gallery for those. They certainly bring back the great memories that was made.


JOHNNY - He is a good one isn't he? He goes round making sure you are all happy, your nibbles are topped up and that you got your quiz papers and bingo cards ready to go!!

I have to thank him also, as he does have to put up with a lot from me, not only at the event but with the run up to the event also. I think we can all say WE LOVE HIM!


LYNNE WILLIAMS - Involved right from the very start of these weekends, helping to choose what dances to teach, the palnning of the weekend. And when we are there, her infectious personality and laughs she gives us. Her teaching and DJ'ing and all round company. Lynne you are a STAR. 


Another fab weekend with plenty more memories to add in the bank. Here is to the next one.


Love to you all 

Jamie. xx

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