Another fantasic weekend away. I am so lucky to have the job I do and spend time with you all away on these weekends  ......



This was the second time I have run a weekend away aimed at the Beginner through to the Improver Level Dancer and it is going from strength to strength!!! This year we went to The Carlton Hotel in Torquay (part of TLH Lesuire) and they did not let us down!!



We arrived around midday & wasted no time in getting everything set up so we could make the most time of the glorious sunshine!!! Even had a few of us swimming in the OUTDOOR pool!!! (oh yes!)


We kick started the weekend with a social in the evening with a red colour theme!!! As advertised all dances had a one wall reminder to give confidence on the dance and confidence we got!!!!

Loads of dancing by all and in the bag!!  

As we had a red theme I taught  Dee Musk's dance called Little Red Book. An old dance it is but a great little dance to sing a long to!!

We had a game of Irish Bingo and congratulations to Janet Sanders from BEW classes who bagged the cash!!!

Also we did the instructors challenge were myself and Jackie Barber chose 2 dances each and put the to a different piece of music (with a Safari Theme!!) Congraulations Jackie for having the winning dance!!

One Step Forward to Jungle Rock By Showwaddy Waddy.



Saturday morning kicked started at 10:30am with the workshops. Below are the dances that were taught:


Until The Dawn By Gary Laftery (Beginner)

Boppin With The Blues By Karen Tipp (High Beginner)

The Bomp By Kim Ray (Improver)


All dances were well recieved. Great dances to great pieces of music!


Everyone then had a free afternoon to do as they wished.

Believe me Torquay is absolutely beautiful this time of year!!!


For the evening we had a SAFARI Themed Party!!!

The outfits were just brilliant!!!!

I am so glad that I did not have to judge the fancy dress competition as everyone looked amazing .... However there had to be winners and congratulations to .....


Craig Morrow from Cirencester Class for coming 3rd

Wendy, Marion, Heather & Janet from BEW for coming 2nd


1st place went to  Tracey Bishop & Becci Ives from BEW!!

A new game of Heads & Tails was played and Congratulations to Marion on bagging the cash with that one!!! 


This year I introduced the Top 10 at Ten to the Improver dancers and below is the results!!!

(Have to say I am happy with the results  as

2 of my dances are in there!!!)


10. And It Goes Like This (Move A Like)
9. That Man (Cowboy Charleston)
8. One Step Forward
7. Baby You've Earned It (Shades Of Passion)
6. Don't Believe Ya! (Uptown Funk) Joint with Imelda's Way
5. Pot Of Gold (Vertical Expression)
4. Tequila Boom Boom!!
3. Jo N Jo Tango
2. Blue Night Cha - Joint with Boat To Liverpool
And the number one dance is ..... Island In The Stream!!!

As always I did one of my quizzes!! All Safari themed and for a first time ever EVERYONE ....... yes EVERYONE got the same score!!!

20 out of 20!!!

So there are too many names to mention but

Congratulations to you ALL!!

Got to work on making the next one harder I think!



Sunday morning tired and feet aching but everyone still had enough energy to finish of with a recap workshop!!  All dances that had been taught over the weeknd had a recap, plus a new dance was taught called Ticket To The Blues by Niels Poulsen. The dance is to a great 70's song with a great beat by Eruption.


It's always sad when a weekend comes to an end but .........

Finally, I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who helped out. My foot was still playing me up a little and all the peeps who helped out from teaching, carrying stuff about, running errands to being spotters I thank you!!!


A special thank you to Jackie Barber for being there for me and for teaching 2 of the dances over the weekend, plus helping with some of the run throughs. Your help was greatly appreciated and everyone loved you!!!! Please come back again next year!!!!


Johnny ....... Thank you so much. Everyone knows that I am so demanding!!! He put's up with me saying Johnny can you do this, Johnny can you do that!!! But I really do mean it when I say I couldn't or wouldn't want to do the weekends with him.

PLUS ......... we now have a new DJ!!!!


I will upload some photo's to the gallery soon but for now, if anyone has any photos they would like to share, please send them to


Happy dancing all

Keep an eye out for next years date that will be out soon!!!!


Jamie. xxx


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