What a Fabulous weekend!!!!


A BIG THANK YOU to all who came along on this weekend, the weekends we do are as great as the people who come on them!!!


Before I go on and on telling you all how the weekend went. I would like to personally thank a few people:


Lynne Williams: Although, everywhere you go on the weekends it's Boogie Shoes this and Boogie Shoes that, it's actually L4Leather Liners weekend as well!!! I absoultly love working with Lynne and enjoy the company of all of her dancers as well. Lynne also works hard on these weekends away and is one really funny & entertaining lady. x


Johnny O'Connell: It has been said that Johnny is the face of Boogie Shoes!!! (and I have to agree) He is my rock, he is a massive support not only on the weekends but with the run up and the after. He also works really hard to make sure you all have a great time. I know for one, I would not be able to do these weekends without him!!!x


Christine Taviner: Thank you for your help with setting up, packing up, dishing out the sweets etc.... Plus managing us when we went out shopping!!!!! x


The weekend started of with the early bird workshop. This is where we re-capped the latest dances taught in class. The dances coverd were Ritmo, Walk Alone, Perfect Timing, love Zone and Timber.


On the Friday Night we had a BLUE theme. The dancing started just after 8pm and we didn't finish until the early hours of the morning!!! Great start to the weekend and great atmosphere!!!


Saturday morning kicked of with the workshops. Thank you for those who stayed around for them, as I know the weather was lovely and we all wanted to make the most of it but we love to dance and that is just what we did!! Below are the dances that was taught on Saturday morning:


Trouble With My Baby by Craig Bennett & Tina Argle

Hit The Floor by Ria Vos ..... (I think this was the dance of the weekend!!! LOVE IT!)

All I Can Say by Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney


We then had a free afternoon, where you went off and enjoy the beautiful weather, plus explored the hotel and it's grounds. The Langstone Cliff is just a beautiful place!


Saturday night was PARTY NIGHT!! We had a theme which was MUSICAL'S. Everybody looked amazing. Every year the standard of the costumes and the effort that goes into them just gets better and better. Please check out the Gallery and our facebook page to have a look at some of the great photo's. (This will be added shortly!). One of my highlights of the weekend was when we were all eating our evening meal and in the back ground, we had a playlist playing music from Musicals to set the mood, then all of a sudden everyone broke out in to song!!!!! (BRILLIANT).

AGAIN, lots of dancing was done and we went into the early hours of the morning! A quick thank you to The Langstone Cliff who took some photo's of the evening. The have posted them on their facebook page, so go check them out also!!! Below is the results of your favourite TOP 10 DANCES at the moment:


1) Fly High

2) Ritmo

3) Carribean Pearl

4) Starting Something

5) Knockin' on Wood

6) A Little Bit Gypsy

7) Walk Alone

8) No Man's Land

9) Hurt Me Carefully

10) Wow Tokyo

Bubbling just underneath is Timber.




Terry Barnfield & Ursula Clifford (Grease) who came third in the Fancy Dress.

Lynda Cobern, Rose Gardner, Sue Holder, Carol Rees and Barbara Arnold (Bugsy Malone) who came 2nd in the Fancy Dress.

Denise & Dave (Wizard of OZ) who came first in the Fancy Dress.

(See photo's below)

Lisa Holder who won the Irish Bingo!!!

The Grease table (Sarah Higgins, June Ingles, Claire Hawkins, Jill Mills, Patti Jones, Margaret Copper, Kevin Barter and Terry Evans) who won the Musical's Quiz. Getting every question right!!!!


The weekend went by so fast but we still had the engery left on Sunday morning to complete the workshop. We taught Maggie's new dance Eye to Eye plus re-capped all the others from Saturdays workshop. It all finished at 1pm and sadly we all had to say goodbye!!


It truely was a brilliant weekend and I thank you all for the really nice messages you have sent.


NOW ...... If you have not been on one of our weekends and fancy coming along to take part in all this fun, get a move on. We have nearly sold out of  the weekend in November that is also at The Langstone Cliff!!! Please check out the Holidays tab for other holidays that may be of interest.


AGAIN .... BIG THANKS to all who came on this weekend.

Love Jamie. x


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