June 16th - 18th saw our 4th Beginner To Improver weekend at The Carlton Hotel in Torquay and it most certainly was a hot one!!


The weather over the weekend was high up in it's 20's with glorious sunshine for all to enjoy, along with the dancing of course!!


The weekend kicked off on the Friday afternoon with the VIP launch party. Here you could just mingle, chat, drink tea or coffee and chuck in a request to the DJ and it would be played for you to have a dance!


In the evening we had a Black & White colour themed social. Each dance had brief reminders for everyone to give confidence on the dance floor....... and confidence they got!! They danced their little socks off and we cover a shed load of dances!!


With all the dancing going on we still had time to do a quiz, I also taught a little party dance called The Party Samba, this brought a few laughs along with it!! And not fogetting the Irish Bingo, congratulations to Cilla Morgan for bagging that one!

SATURDAY .......


The day kick started with a fabulous Breakfast that set us up for the day. We then had a 2 hour long workshop and the following dances were taught:


Runaway Cha By Dee Musk

Funk It Out By Neils Poulsen

At Your Q By Jamie Barnfield

Whatchugot By Neville & Julie


All dances was well recieved, so look out for those coming through the classes very soon.

My new dance at the time did not have a name and i opened it out to everyone there to give it a name! Sandra Adams from Berkeley Class came up with the winning name, which is an Anagram of Torquay!!


The afternoon was spent eith shopping, going on trips or just chilling out by the poolside soaking up the sun.




The theme this year was "Stars In Their Eyes" and again ALL the costumes were fantastic but of course there can only be a few winners ....

Congratulations to the following:


Tania Watts as Amy Winehouse

Michelle, Kashia, Carole, Mary, Emily & David as The Village People

Jan Hilyer as Boy George

During the evening we re-capped the dances taught earlier on in the day, another quiz that was Stars inspired and of course we danced the dancers top 10 dances at 10! These were as follows:


1. Let It Swing

2. Gypsy Queen

3. Boys And A Girl Thing

4. Dans Le Tango

5. Champagne Promise

6. Bored

7. Big Blue Tree

8. Friday At The Dance

9. Until The Dawn

10. Tequila Boom Boom


SUNDAY ......


Still with some energy left we had a re-cap workshop, going over ALL 4 dances that had been taught on Saturday, plus we had a little time left over, so I taught Remember The Days, another fabulous dance from Neils Poulsen. I think this dance ended up being everyones favorite from the weekend!


These weekends take some organising and hard work BUT it is all so worth worth it seeing everyone enjoying themselves, dancing as though nobody is watching, singing as though nobody cares and having a real blast!! I thank each and everyone of you all who attended, your support is seconded to none.


Special Thank you's:


Johnny: My rock, my support, my right hand man!! I could'nt/would'nt do the weekends without. So massive thank you to you for all your support running up to the event, being a perfect host and for some great DJ'ing skills!!


Mary: Special thank you to you for all your help out on the dance floor for peeps to follow and for your teach of Runaway Cha. You certainly was a great help and support.


Barry & Sarah Caldwell for taking some photos throughout the event.


Another weekend has been added into the memory bank! Heres to the next one.


Jamie. xxxx



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